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Augmented reality in remote assistance

Thanks to the use of augmented reality IOTAR Remote Assistance AR is able to solve problems remotely, via any mobile device.

It allows you to act at any time and anywhere to perform routine maintenance or solve machinery problems; thanks to mobile devices, the specialist technician is able to accurately identify the problem and find a solution by shortening the intervention time and avoiding unnecessary additional expenses.

The revolution introduced by this augmented reality software is precisely in the opportunity, to see in real time the problems that arise to each customer, without having to move from their own location.

Features and functionality of the App

  • Video streaming directly from mobile device camera
  • Highlight real world objects
  • Augmented reality support for automatic marker recognition
  • Real-time display of machine data (temperatures, engine revolutions, maintenance) on marker recognition via IOTAR Acquisition module
  • Display of manuals and information materials combined with different markers
  • Take photos of the streaming to highlight details or work with greater peace of mind
  • Chat between user and operator, useful if you are in an environment not suitable for making a voice call
  • Possibility to take photos with the mobile device and send them to the operator
  • Works even with slow or absent connectivity
  • Record of interventions
  • Managing users with different roles

Merged Reality

Merged Reality is the function that allows the specialist to give technical support in a very intuitive way to the operator in the field.

The in-house specialist can virtually reach and touch the objects the field technician is working on.

The in-house specialist uses, alongside his PC, another Tablet that frames an area where he can show with his own hands and with tools how the operator should act on the field.

There will no longer be any doubt about the lever to be operated, the cable to be cut or the button to press!


IOTAR App also available through a comfortable helmet

IOTAR App in the form of a helmet is a very useful system for construction site operators where there is a need to work with hands-free.

The innovation is represented by the flexibility of the solution that is composed of a helmet equipped with a mono-eyed smart glasses.

The specialist user can therefore follow and interface with the activities of the operator on the site.

The solution is powered by the IOTAR App software that offers widely tested industrial capabilities.

Unlike A.R. viewers (devices that apply to both eyes) that cause nausea, headaches and dizziness – in fact the manufacturers of these devices recommend to use them only for 10 minutes every half an hour – the IOTAR helmet has none of these contraindications since it is mono-eyed and does not interfere with the normal view of the operator, can be worn and used continuously.


Advantages of using the helmet

  • The operator has both hands free
  • The image taken follows the operator’s gaze
  • It is possible to connect the headphones with microphone so that they do not bother the operator’s movements


The technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Available in three colours: Blue, Yellow and Black
  • Adjustable side vents
  • Side Euroslot bindings for headphone hearing protectors
  • Six-point textile suspension harness ensures optimal fit and comfort
  • Conventional internal harness for customisable comfort
  • Dimensions: 16,8 x 20,2 x 30,4 cm
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Possibility of having earphones to call

Place the fault

It is essential, in order to solve a problem, to use a system that allows you to visualize the fault with your own eyes.

Users in the field, through the use of mobile devices, can interface in real-time with the technicians remotely; the transmission in real time allows you to make the distances shorter, thus obtaining direct assistance in the field.

Such assistance can provide several features such as taking photos, recording videos, drawing or annotating remotely on the image, sharing the screen (pdf files, web etc.), full screen view and digital zoom.

Provide assistance to the operator

Thanks to IOTAR Remote Assistance, the expert technician is able to pinpoint the problem and solve it with precision, all thanks to the above-mentioned features.

The most important feature, however, is undoubtedly to be able to draw, chat, indicate the exact point of assistance required and vice versa. These indications will then be transmitted in real time on the mobile device, so you can operate faster.



Keep track of all interventions

The entire IOTAR software is presented as a useful memory for the training of technicians/ users, thanks to the ability to save each operation.

The sectors in which you can use this service are many and can vary from the manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, real estate and much more.


Safety – Mobile technology, augmented reality provide operating personnel with real-time, easy-to-follow, visual, step-by-step operating procedures, reducing human error in performing specific tasks. In addition, the operator shall be provided with information on the location of the existing hazards, superimposing it on the operator’s position.



We use data centers distributed in the main geographical areas of the world. The choice of sites where to locate the servers was made based on the importance of the individual areas of the world, the distance between one server and another and the scope of the transmissions. That’s how they make sure all video conversations clear and from its clear and clean.

Remote vision for real-time support
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More effective management of interventions
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Remote management of interventions
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Lower cost for the company

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