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IOTAR acquisition SW

Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems

IOTAR Acquisition SW is the data collection system that can be installed on any plant and machinery.

The size of a packet of cigarettes, enables the management of information collected by several machines at the same timeto return them in the most useful format to be analysed.

In this way, it is possible to monitor production, optimise it by identifying any criticalities and carry out predictive maintenance.


Towards Industry 4.0 choose reliable partners

Our IOTAR Acquisition SW product is a black box consisting of a scheduled application with a web configurator aimed at acquiring and collecting data from PLCs in a centralised database (public or private cloud) from the customer's machines/databases/files.

IOTAR ACQUISITION SW is a Real-time Data Acquisition System from PLCs for data acquisition (e.g. parts produced, machine status, downtime, temperature, speed, A/D signals, pressures, torque values, high-speed signals, etc.) from production machines; customised systems suitable for existing industrial infrastructures; this system is also equipped with a special module for storing up to 10 gb of data locally in the absence of a network connection in the case of transfer to a public cloud.

All data is collected by the PLCs with the IOTAR Acquisition SW system in real time in SQL or NO-SQL databases both in private and public Clouds.
Through a functional module, our solutions allow you to move and synchronize huge quantities of data in a bidirectional way (thanks to an already tested module it is possible to move data from the PLC to the Database by simple drag&drop).

The technical characteristics

• easy to install pre-configured appliance
• easy configuration via web
• acquires data from all the most common protocols of the industrial world with very high performance.
• temporary offline storage in case of network connection failure
• filter on the acquired data
• saving data on any type of database in private or public cloud

The functionalities

By integrating IOTAR Acquisition SW with the IOTAR MES module or with the IOTAR Viewer module it is possible to easily perform:

  • Monitoring machines and consumable resources;
  • Final accounting of labor times (through industrial terminals, barcodes, RFID, NFC, badges);
  • The supervision of the production lines, with detection of times and machine stops (also with the innovative IOTAR Web App);
  • More effective planning, scheduling and scheduling of production;
  • The management of design and production orders thanks to the integration with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);
  • Calculation of production efficiency;
  • Careful quality control;
  • End of line labelling;
  • Maintenance management and scheduling;
  • More accurate warehouse and logistics management with goods traceability.
  • We are able to acquire data from all the most common protocols of the industrial world with very high performance.

Machine Manufacturersi macchine


In the context of Industry 4.0, IOTAR can help you equip your machines with data collection systems and facilitate the maintenance of your machines. Offer your customers effective devices to guarantee the maximum reduction of machine downtime.




System Integrators

System Integrator

IOTAR plays a fundamental role in supporting System Integrators when it comes to designing, configuring and implementing the customers' industrial IoT architecture, in the identification of machines, networks and data flows.

Software Sellers


IOTAR is useful for software companies that develop MES to collect data from the field up to the interconnection of industrial machines. Our solutions can simplify the work of companies.


Industry Owners

Industry Owners

We can support you in increasing production performance while guaranteeing lower costs and higher quality thanks to our collaboration with large companies and qualified experts who have been part of our successful team for years.


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