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To start providing technical support with Merged Reality technology, the Specialist user must be in front of a PC with a Tablet next to it fixed to a special support and with a white background in front of it.

Prepare the system to give technical support

1. On the Specialist operator's PC, with a web browser, open the URL: in the bar at the top right click on the link "Remote Assistance Operator Login" enter the login credentials (email and password) and click the [Login Operator] button.
2. On the Specialist operator's Tablet, open the IOTAR App and log in with the same credentials used on the PC.
At this point it is necessary to wait for a request for remote assistance from a field operator.

Respond to a request for assistance sent by the App

When the field operator sends a request for help using the App chat on the specialist operator's PC, a message appears in a popup warning that the customer needs assistance; at this point it is sufficient to click on the [OK] button to start seeing the image sent by the operator in the field.

Start assisting a customer without waiting for their request

In this case, when the field user has logged in to the App, the Specialist user can open the "Users" section and click on the [View] button next to the name of the user to whom assistance is to be provided.

Interact with the user in the field with Merged Reality

Once the connection between the Specialist user and the field user has been established, technical support can be started.
The Specialist user can place any object (or his own hands) in front of the camera of his tablet and the system will show this image superimposed on the image taken by the field operator's tablet.
The Specialist user can see on his PC monitor the same images that the user sees in the field and can therefore move and act to indicate the operations to be performed.


Differenza tra la versione gratuita (Free) e la versione Professional


Funzionalità Free Pro
Utenti specialisti contemporanei 1 illimitati
Utenti remoti 2 illimitati
Merged Reality
Riconoscimento Barcode e Qrcode
Funzionalità AR – Realtà Aumentata no
Registrazione video interventi no
Chat / Disegni no
Scattare foto no
Condivisione documenti no
Smart glasses no


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