Capture data and support your company with iotar app

Augmented reality app

IOTAR APP, is an app able to acquire the data from the plant so as to be able to supervise your company, check the data of the production lines, view the technical documentation, predict breakdowns and machine downtime.

It incorporates a series of markers (frameworks to be framed, qr codes, logos, etc.), which in turn contain different categories, in which we can find the contents that will then be useful to the operator to consult on the plant in question.

These contents can be inserted according to the customer’s needs, in fact they can be video files, pdf files, url, technical sheets, 3D and much more.

This helps the operator to improve his work and to always have a clear picture of the plant on which he is working; this app also allows you to receive and give real-time assistance remotely, so as to assist the interested user at any time, via the use of mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) or through the use of a comfortable helmet in which there is a rugged mobile phone. (section IOTAR Remote Assistance)

The IOTAR features

Control of production processes

By accessing the IOTAR app you have the possibility to check the functionality of the production system in Real Time.

Data in the cloud

All data is stored on an online server (public or private) without any risk to the security of your data.



Quick access to information

Quick access to information gathered thanks to the help of augmented reality on mobile devices.

Support for maintenance

With Augmented Reality it will be enough to frame your machinery to access the technical data sheets and other information.

The company within reach of an App

All your company information can be accessed from any mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows).

Safety and reliability

The best tool for your business! IOTAR guarantees safety and reliability making your work easier.

Price solution: from 93,00 € / year + VAT



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