IOTAR viewer: data display system

With the term business intelligence (BI) we can usually refer to: a set of business processes to collect data and analyze strategic information, the technology used to carry out these processes, and the information obtained as a result of these processes.

The organizations collect data to gather information, assessments and estimates regarding the company’s own context and the market in which they participate (market research and analysis of competitive scenarios). Organizations use the information gathered through a business intelligence strategy to increase their competitive advantage.

Iotar viewer is Real-Time display system

Our industrial solution is completed with IOTAR Viewer, the web interface where the collected data is shown according to the variables that can be configured by the customer. Iotar Viewer allows you to search, apply filters, export data, configure acquisitions and set notifications.
The perfect solution is the integration with Business Intelligence Services, and with the Company Information System for an even greater simplification of the processing of the collected data.

The data can be analyzed (for example to identify values that are different from the programmed results), processed for predictive analysis or simply archived.

Through our IOTAR Viewer data visualization system it is possible:

  • View the status of a machine or system;
  • Analyze the most important KPIs for production and maintenance;
  • Perform production efficiency calculations;
  • Supervise the progress of a job;
  • Interrogate the data for predictive analysis;
  • …more

For dashboards or customized analyzes we are available to evaluate custom projects.


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