IOTAR finds application in the Tourism sector

Tourism sector

IOTAR finds application in the Tourism Sector to offer sector operators (Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Tourist Guides, Art Galleries, Museums, etc.) a commercial promotion tool.

For example, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators use IOTAR to promote travel packages, have customers evaluate routes and tourist destinations with interactive maps and 3D models of tourist attractions.
The customer will be able to watch videos, hear sounds, view images and read information about a proposed destination. IOTAR can be a communication tool between the Agency and the tourist during his trip (check insurance policies, see the stages of the program, contact hotels, guides, etc. for the package purchased).

The Museums and the Art Galleries use IOTAR to offer visitors more information about an exhibition, a work, an artist, etc.
The visitor using IOTAR will be able, simply to frame the work, to access additional contents (videos that reproduce the restructuring of a work, audio guide of the curator, history of the work and of the artist, etc.)


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