Remote Assistance

Augmented reality in the field of assistance.


With IOTAR Remote Assistance you are able to solve problems remotely, with any mobile device (tablet, smartphone). 

It allows you to act in real time and at a distance to carry out routine maintenance or resolve machine failures; thanks to mobile devices, the specialist technician is able to pinpoint the problem and find a solution by shortening the time of understanding the problem and avoiding unnecessary travel expenses.

The revolution introduced by this augmented reality software lies in the opportunity, provided to experts remotely, to observe live the problems that arise in the sites of any customer, without having to move from your desk.

Place the problem

The occurrence of a problem or a fault on a machine entails the need to visually check it in order to be able to intervene effectively and stably.

Field users, equipped with mobile devices, can communicate in real-time with remote experts; real-time transmission makes distances shorter, thus obtaining direct assistance in the field.

This assistance can provide various functions such as taking pictures, recording videos, drawing or annotating remotely on the image, sharing the screen (pdf file, web etc.), full screen display and digital zoom.

Customer support

Through the use of IOTAR Remote Assistance the expert technician is able to identify the critical situation and solve the problem with precision, all this thanks to the above mentioned functionalities.

However, the most relevant feature is undoubtedly that of being able to draw in FREEZE or AR mode, thus allowing the user to indicate the exact point of assistance required and vice versa. These indications will then be transmitted in real-time on the mobile device, so as to be able to operate efficiently, accurately and without wasting time.



Solve the problem

The entire IOTAR software promises to be a useful memory for the training of technicians / users, thanks to the possibility of saving each operation.

The sectors in which it is possible to take advantage of this service are many and can vary from the manufacturing industry, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the real estate sector and much more.

Remote viewing for real-time assistance

More effective management of interventions

Efficient maintenance

Remote management of interventions

Manuals always available for consultation

Lower cost for the company


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