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IOTAR TARGA: detect entries, exits of vehicles

IOTAR Targa (plates) is a solution specifically designed for those who need to detect entries, exits of vehicles and related irregularities in access.

It is in fact able to automatically recognize the number plate of the vehicles placed in the field of view of the cameras; this solution is also equipped with a database that includes the plates enabled at the entry or exit. It comes with a powerful OCR that makes it possible to read all the plates in European countries.

Thanks to IOTAR Targa there is the possibility to enable a ‘movement barrier’ able to block access of vehicles not registered in the appropriate database.

All this allows to obtain a complete tool of automatic management of access, parking, garage etc..


  • recording of photos, number plate, date and time of passage of each vehicle;
  • management of authorized vehicles, unauthorized, authorised until a certain date, etc;
  • coordination of motorised barriers following recognition of the vehicle registration plate.

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