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Control the activities and manage the warehouse / production with MES

Production management, control and planning from a single simple web interface

IOTAR MES supports, controls and manages production

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) refers to a computerized system that has the main function of managing and controlling the production of a company. It allows you to manage orders, generate detailed estimates and final balances, monitor times and costs of each production phase on a single piece, machine and operator data, production planning, quality, traceability and ordinary and predictive maintenance.

IOTAR MES is a software application that offers the user numerous tools that allow you to easily manage the main data analysis and management activities.

Data analysis is a series of operations that allow you to highlight information that is useful in achieving the intended purpose. These operations can involve real-time viewing of data, while providing statistics of production, maintenance and employee activities.

One of the peculiar characteristics of IOTAR MES is the wide range of management functions, such as the ability to import and export data that can be related to customer information, to the management of items and to the organization of the latter, in order to make the most fluid management.

Finally, with IOTAR MES, it is possible to program routine maintenance interventions and predictive maintenance interventions to avoid machine failures that generate economic damage.


Flexible, scalable and customizable for all needs

Integration with machines

With IOTAR MES it is possible to connect to production facilities by directly acquiring data from machines and at the same time send data to the machines to automate activities, such as for example the configuration of production line setups realizing the interconnection required by Industry 4.0.

Monitoring and Proactivity

IOTAR MES is able to proactively and in real time signal the anomalies that occur in production (too long times, machine failures, etc.), it is therefore possible to act immediately on the problems and avoid dangerous machines.

Production Programming

Programming the production becomes extremely simple and fast with the IOTAR MES sequencer module that allows the department head to determine, starting from the order, the best sequences of operations on the various machines.


The IOTAR MES Dashboard allows you to monitor production performance in real time via the web (PC, tablet, smartphone) through pre-configured and customizable interactive graphics. The data shown in real time allows decisions to be taken and action taken immediately in the event of unforeseen events with respect to the expected results.

Data collection and progress

IOTAR MES collects data completely and correctly without the need for paper support. Production progress declarations are performed by PCs, tablets and smartphones via web browsers, making the data of the activities available in real time, always and everywhere.

TPM maintenance

The TPM module (Total Productive Maintenance) present in IOTAR MES allows you to manage preventive, scheduled and fault maintenance in a computerized way and integrated with the progress of production.

Traceability and tracking

IOTAR MES offers complete management of the movements, both for individual materials and for handling units (pallets, containers, baskets, etc.). All movements are also perfected by lot and location, guaranteeing precise tracking and optimizing logistics operations.

TQM quality checks

IOTAR MES is able to manage process quality controls in a precise and reliable way, both for the machine operators and for the quality control laboratories.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an IOTAR MES module that allows you to optimize all material movements (receipt, storage, withdrawal for production, shipment, etc.) and to define or indicate their precise location.

Preventive maintenance

Companies that aspire to remain or to reach the highest levels in their reference sector cannot fail to prepare a general efficiency plan, which touches every step of the production process, including concepts such as organization, logistics and maintenance of the plants and of machinery.

Precisely in terms of maintenance, the company normally focuses only on preventive maintenance, or a series of interventions to be carried out to improve the health conditions of plants and machinery with regular deadlines based on pre-established deadlines.

However, preventive maintenance does not allow the company to see fully effective maintenance guaranteed, as it is not based on an in-depth analysis of the state of things; in the long run this can become a problem because unexpected failures can be generated which are part of reactive maintenance, which involves downtime with consequent economic loss and production delays.

That said, preventive maintenance is still a step forward compared to reactive maintenance, with the analysis and collection of data and the working conditions of machines and systems it is possible to prevent unexpected failures. With the IOTAR MES management software it is possible to keep track of repairs and manage all maintenance-level procedures, collect machine data, environmental and production data, and therefore ideal for managing both preventive and predictive maintenance. .


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